To be in a position to cope with more and more complex situations, you will appreciate the expert advice from one of our FIDUCIAL ACCOUNTANCY or FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING Tax advisors.

Tax advice

FIDUCIAL assists you with expertise, customer focus and professionalism. 
How much tax should you pay? How can you make tax savings?
With our assistance you will be sure not to pay too much tax. And with our advice for optimisation, we will help you in making tax savings

Tax advice and assistance
Our team of tax advisors and legal experts offer solutions for your company and for your individual situation to assist you, secure your professional environment and advise you efficiently. They can also assist you in case of tax audits.

FIDUCIAL’s tax advisors specialise in:

  • Tax law,
  • Tax restructuring and optimisation, 
  • Tax consequences when changing tax residence to another country,
  • Tax audits,
  • International taxation, … 

Tax audits and procedures

Regardless your activity or your statute, tax authorities can carry out an audit of your accounts. A tax audit is at least stressful and can use a lot of your energy.

FIDUCIAL can help you to prevent such audits and offers a comforting assistance by means of an annual fixed fee contract – FISCADIAL – that covers the assistance of our FIDUCIAL advisors that support you during your tax audit.

FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING’s legal advisors support you in all your legal issues

Drafting of General Terms and Conditions and commercial documents

The best legal form for your company

Commercial lease agreement: negociate, renew, terminate