Tax audits

A tax audit can cause a lot of stress and significant costs: fees for tax experts, time and energy that get lost while following up on the relation with the tax inspector and replying to his queries.

FIDUCIAL offers a simple, economical and comprehensive solution to take care of your tax audit without stress. In the event of a tax audit, the FISCADIAL contract covers all the costs (1) and you no longer have to worry about the fees and the complexity of a tax audit. Your FIDUCIAL advisor manages the tax audit on your behalf.

A full service, without surprises

Fiscadial is an annual contract that covers all the interventions by FIDUCIAL experts during tax audits to take care of:

•    The different requests for information from the tax administration,
•    Tax audits of your professional tax returns, from the beginning of the procedure untill the recovery,
•    Tax audits of your personal revenues.

Depending on the complexity of the issues that the tax inspector raises, your FIDUCIAL advisor will imply different FIDUCIAL tax specialists.

When subscribing to Fiscadial, you enjoy a fixed amount contract with a price that depends on the size of your business.

(1) Are excluded:

  • judicial procedures,
  • fees for putting in order the accounts of previous financial years for which FIDUCIAL (or a by Fiducial integrated entity) did not draft the year end accounts,
  • operations that have not been declared to the administration.

No more stress, FIDUCIAL takes charge of everything

Your FIDUCIAL advisor is the permanent discussion partner for the tax inspector:

  • He is present during the first visit,
  • He meticulously answers the different questions,
  • He may challenge the proposal of adjusted tax notice,
  • If relevant, he addresses the inspector’s hierarchical superior in order to obtain a deduction or cancellation of the adjusted tax notice.

Meanwhile, you can concentrate on doing your business!