A successful transfer starts with a good prepared project!

To achieve a successful transfer completion, the project needs to be planned in a well thought-out way. The transfer of a company is not an everyday activity and is a long process that can imply some risks for the continuity of the company.

Forward-looking and proactive reflections about the company and its perspectives are necessary to ensure a transmission under the best possible financial, human and psychological conditions.

To help you transmit your activity with good conditions by avoiding disputes with family and partners, FIDUCIAL offers assistance to know the value of the company and to face the different challenges of your project.

The evaluation of the company is a complicated issue. There are different evaluation methods that depend on your business sector. The problem is not only the use of the right method for your situation but also the preparation of the arguments for your potential buyer.

FIDUCIAL offers years of experience, know-how and expertise in a unique approach and a step-by-step assistance for your project: evaluation, fiscal impact, presentation file, negotiation and drafting of documents.

Transfer your company under optimum conditions with FIDUCIAL’s assistance

Discover our 5-steps guidance to sell your company under optimum conditions:

Assistance during the consultation phase

  • Consultation, together with you, about the general circumstances of your project (family succession, takeover by an employee or an outsider, …), in order to determine your personal goals and the objectives of your company.
  • Make a diagnosis of the transferability and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project.
  • Determine the measures that should previously be taken to optimise the transfer (remedy the weaknesses, …)
  • How much is my company worth? Our services will give you a value range that will provide a basis for your negotiations. Your FIDUCIAL advisor also calculates the tax cost of the transfer and the capital you will have after the transfer.
  • Determine and implement an action plan to make your company sellable (adaptation or improvement of the organisation, of the financial and economic situation, …)
  • Examination of the financial situation in order to prepare your personal situation.
  • Drafting of a presentation of your company (accounting, financial, legal and commercial presentation)
  • Assistance during the sales phase: identify means of transfer, build a selection process for buyers.
  • Support during the preparation of your exit (check list of stakeholders that need to be informed, …)
  • Update of the financial situation based on the amounts that are effectively available after the transfer.
  • Assistance during the negotiation (price, terms) in order to help you specify all the transfer conditions (social cost, terms of payment, suspensive or cancellation clauses, conditions related to a possible further cooperation, guarantees, …)
  • Assistance during the acquisition audit performed by the buyer
  • Definition, together with you, of the operational and financial modalities of the transfer
  • Drafting of a contract that materialises the conditions of the agreement
  • Drafting of the final legal documents.

Your benefits

A recognised evaluation method, that is adapted to your activity

Thanks to the experience of our experts, FIDUCIAL can apply the most appropriate method for your company.

A genuine guarantee for you.

Multidisciplinary specialists in company transfer at your service

The successful preparation of a transfer needs a range of specific expertise: accountant, legal advisor, tax advisor.

FIDUCIAL offers you all these competencies to facilitate your everyday life.

A personalised assistance to meet your objectives

To be successful, a transfer needs to be well prepared, with precise objectives in mind.
We work together with you in order to determine your goals and to design your project accordingly.