Service: refers to one of the services described in article 2 below.

Website: refers to the website published by FIDUCIAL and accessible on the following URL:

FIDUCIAL: refers to the company FIDUCIAL, civil law company, with a capital of 30.000.000 euros, having its registered office in France, 41 rue du Capitaine Guynemer – 92400 Courbevoie, registered in the commercial and companies register of Nanterre under number 328 084 074, company of the FIDUCIAL group and publisher of the website.

User: refers to any visitor having access to the website


The present General Conditions of Use (hereafter referred to as 'GCU') are intended to determine the conditions for the use of the website and the services put at the User's disposal.

By acceding to the present website, to the information it contains and to the services offered, the User acknowledges that (s)he has taken note of the present GCU and binds himself/herself to meet them.

Modification of the GCU - FIDUCIAL reserves the right to modify the present GCU at any time. Consequently, the User binds himself/herself to regularly consult them.


The website allows the User to get informed about the FIDUCIAL services et job offers and to contact FIDUCIAL for these purposes. The User is invited to complete an online form to be contacted by FIDUCIAL.

The User binds himself/herself to fill in the online form in good faith, by providing accurate information.

The User binds himself/herself not to appropriate someone else's identity, nor to use a false identity in order to mislead third parties.

All the fields of the form with respect to the surname, first name and email are mandatory and necessary in order to take the request of the User into account. If the User chooses not to provide this information, FIDUCIAL will not be able to take into account the contact request.

Services accessible on the website:

The User has the possibility to visit the website in French, in English or in Dutch.

By going to the website, the User can access the following services:

  • Information concerning FIDUCIAL services in Belgium and job offers in Belgium and Luxemburg;
  • To be contacted by FIDUCIAL by means of a contact form.


Responsibility for the delivery of services and access to the website

FIDUCIAL, in its capacity of publisher of the website, and FIDUCIAL Staffing, in its capacity of host of the website, shall only be bound by an obligation of means with regard to the functioning and continuity of the website.

By no means, FIDUCIAL and FIDUCIAL Staffing can be held responsible for any damage caused during the use of the website. FIDUCIAL and FIDUCIAL Staffing shall not be held responsible:

  • for the speed of access to the website, the speed of opening and consulting the pages of the website, external slowdowns, the suspension or inaccessibility of the website
  • for facts due to force majeure or to acts of third parties, as defined by the jurisprudence and, in any case, for the facts mentioned hereafter, failures and technical problems related to the hardware, the programmes, the software, the Internet connection which can - as the case may be - lead to the suspension or termination of the services
  • if it appears that the service offered by the website is not compatible with or shows dysfunctions with particular software, configurations, operating systems or equipment you use
  • for interruptions of the services related to the risks of the Internet connection and/or maintenance operations.

The User shall be the only person responsible for the use of the website.

FIDUCIAL and FIDUCIAL Staffing reserve the right to temporarily or definitively stop, without prior notice or damage compensation, a service or all the services offered from the website, without that they can be held liable for this.

Liability for the information published on the website

The contents published on the website shall be provided for information purposes only and be subject to possible modifications without prior notice. By no means, the information published on the website shall constitute legal advice or any commitment by FIDUCIAL. FIDUCIAL shall not be held liable for the direct or indirect consequences of the use of the information and, in general, of the services put at the User's disposal on the website.

The User is being reminded of the fact that (s)he won't be allowed to publish or transfer via the website any element that is unlawful, prejudicial, defamatory, pornographic, hateful, racist or otherwise detrimental to human dignity.

Furthermore, FIDUCIAL reserves the right to take all necessary measures in order to have its rights respected.


The website, its contents and all of its elements, including the brands and logos, are protected by intellectual property rights which FIDUCIAL owns or is entitled to use.

Only the reproduction or representation of elements of the website for strictly private use, subject to deviating or more restrictive provisions included in book XI 'Intellectual property' of the Code of Economic Law, shall be allowed.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, adaptation, translation or extract - in any way and on any medium whatsoever - of the whole or a part of the website and/or of the elements belonging to it, without having obtained FIDUCIAL's prior written consent, that may be affected by counterfeiting within the meaning of book XI 'Intellectual property' of the Code of Economic Law, shall be strictly prohibited.

The use of the website and of its parts shall only be allowed for information purposes as well as for personal and private use.

Any reproduction, imitation, use or affixing of one of the brands represented on the website, without having obtained FIDUCIAL's prior written consent, that may be affected by counterfeiting within the meaning of book XI 'Intellectual property' of the Code of Economic Law, shall be strictly prohibited.

FIDUCIAL and/or the holder of intellectual property rights on one of the elements of the website, reserve(s) the right to take legal action against anyone not respecting the abovementioned prohibitions.

It is strictly prohibited to create hyperlinks to the website without FIDUCIAL's prior written consent.


FIDUCIAL's privacy policy related to personal data is available here.


Click here in order to consult FIDUCIAL's cookies policy.


The present GCU have been drawn up in French and subsequently translated into Dutch as well as into English. However, only the GCU drawn up in French shall be deemed authentic and shall take precedence over the Dutch and English versions.

Applicable law

The present GCU are subject to Belgian law and fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Brussels.