Outsourcing of your payroll and staff administration

Secure your social management

By outsourcing your payroll to FIDUCIAL, you will have the guarantee that your payroll is legally compliant and will avoid mistakes that might have negative influence on the cohesion of your teams.

Save time

No more waste of time, thanks to FIDUCIAL!
We do not assume that you are familiar with all the aspects of the Belgian labour law and social security regulations and will guide you through this complex field so that you can spend more time on your core business.

Rely on our experts’ advice

Your FIDUCIAL payroll specialist monitors your company, knows your business activity and knows about the latest labour law developments in your sector. 

Payroll services in Belgium

FIDUCIAL offers a full service for drawing up your employees’ payslips, taking care of social security contributions and mandatory formalities. Our “all-in-one” solution allows efficient staff administration.

Staff administration

FIDUCIAL facilitates your human resources management by assisting you in your staff administration.