Why choose FIDUCIAL for your human resources management?

FIDUCIAL gives expert advice and assists you in the management of your staff. We support you through the problems of administrative management of your employees and take care of your social compliance.

Experts in labour legislation at your service

The management of your staff is capital for your company.
At FIDUCIAL you will find a specific service offer to help you in your employee administration and advise you when developing your human resources.

We offer clarity in social issues in a continuously evolving legal environment. 

Entrust your employee administration to FIDUCIAL and manage your company with total peace of mind.

Assistance in all the steps of the employment relation

FIDUCIAL supports you in all the aspects of a working relationship:
preparation and drafting of employment agreements, contract amendments, other contractual documents, social and legal assistance from the legal advisors from Fiducial Tax & Legal Consulting when necessary, …

Our experts take care of all your administrative documents to let you focus on your core business activities.

A personal approach and an adapted assistance

Correct social management is possible only with personalised assistance. We work together with you to find the solutions that are necessary to further develop your business activities and to manage your human resources as efficiently as possible.

Anticipate on the decisions that need to be made and make your human resources management a strength for your activity.


Advice in human resources management

Agreements and contractual documents

•    Preparation and drafting of employment agreements and contract amendments
•    Disciplinary procedures
•    Termination procedures
•    Unilateral decisions from collective regulations
•    Audit of contracts

Administrative follow-up

•    Follow up of overtime
•    Salary optimisation
•    Registrations and notifications

Social and legal assistance

Advice and assistance from the specialists in our expert teams from FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING in individual and collective issues: labour disputes, dismissals, sanctions, validity of collective agreements, GDPR-compliant work regulations, …

Social compliance

•    Legal and mandatory notifications
•    Work regulations and internal rules
•    Elections of staff representatives, …