The General Sales Terms are a set of written clauses that form a legal framework for your contractual relations with the B2B or B2C clients, to whom you supply goods or services.

Even if for some activities, sales conditions may not be required, they are in any event strongly recommended in most cases, in order to allow the company to:

Avoid litigation

Sales conditions allow to work in compliance with the legislation, to avoid objections from clients and  disputes with suppliers / clients.

The sales conditions are an efficient instrument for your debt collections and for the management of your customers’ accounts by setting terms of payment and penalties for defaulters in these general terms.

The sales terms allow that your clients know the conditions and rules before concluding a transaction. Recent legislation namely strenghtened the information obligations for private customers.

General Sales Terms : avail yourself of a legal advisor from FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING

Our legal advisors from FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING assist you with the right advice to secure your business relations with your clients and to draft your general sales terms and other commercial documents that are adapted to your business activity.

General Sales Terms that are consistent with applicable legislation

Sales conditions that are tailored to your business activity

Expert advice and full assistance

Drafting of your Sales conditions

The drafting of your sales terms is important for the legal framework of your business relations. Without an accurate wording, your sales terms may be without legal value. Which is why it is important that you ask for the assistance from a legal expert to ensure sales conditions that comply with the legislation.

Our legal advisors offer expert guidance and take the latest changes in legislation into account when drafting your sales conditions. You will dispose of personalised and adapted conditions that will become an efficient instrument when dealing with your outstanding invoices.

Audit and revision of your sales conditions

If you already have general terms in your company, our legal advisors can audit them and recommend changes in order to better protect you and make your conditions consistent with the latest legislation and regulations.

It is important that you are aware that poorly drafted conditions can be considered as having no legal value and thus absolutely don’t protect you.