Why ask for Fiducial Tax & Legal Consulting’s assistance for your lease?

The decisions that you make here are decisive for the elaboration of your lease and they can have a significative impact on your activities and your financial matters.

The rent regulation includes, in addition to the general rules for common lease, specific rules for the different types of lease (property rental, commercial lease, lease of a pop-up space, rental of student rooms, etc.)

The freedom to fill in a lease contract at the parties’ own discretion depends on the type of contract that applies and the related mandatory rules. Furthermore, the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Region of Brussels-Capital have their own rent regulations. The rules for a same lease can thus be different from one region to another.

A good comprehension and a correct application of the lease rules are of utmost importance in order to conclude a valid contract from the very start.

There is nothing more annoying than being confronted with unvalid contract terms or with a contract that is null and void as a whole.

Our legal advisors will assist you at every stage, from selection of the right type of lease to the practical implementation of the lease contract, and they will advise you at each step, from the negotiation to the revision or termination of your lease contract. 
In that way you will obtain a legally sound contract that complies with the mandatory rules though which is also customised to your needs and conditions.

Why is it important to have the arrangements put into a written contract?

A written lease contract is not only preferable in order to make clear agreements for all the stakeholders, but for certain lease contracts it even is a legal obligation.

A lease implies many more aspects than just the rent price, the object and the duration. A written contract that clearly and correctly fixes the different aspects of the leasing relation, offers security and promotes a good relationship between the lessee and the lessor. As discussions can arise even in good relationships, a written contract offers a solid basis for a successful resolution of possible disputes.

Our legal advisors ensure that your lease contract, including the necessary attestations and certificates, are shipshape written. So you can sleep on both ears.

Why do you need an evolving lease contract?

A leasing situation, especially with long contract duration, is likely to evolve over time, depending on several factors. A lease contract that was carefully drawn up, anticipates on such evolutions. The parties can in that case rely on the existing lease contract without new negotiations or expensive legal proceedings.

A good lease contract can therefore be used for a long time without needing modification for every change of situation.
Our legal advisors have the requisite knowledge to offer you a lease contract that is as flexible as possible, so that you are better geared to deal with future developments.

Why would you need a personal approach?

Every lease situation is different, according to the expectations and needs of the lessor and the lessee, the lessee’s activities, the building’s condition, the planned renovation, the financial resources, the possible public permit conditions, …

An individual and personal approach to take care of your concrete lease situation, is a must. Our legal advisors offer highgrade qualitative customised assistance at a very competitive price. You can be sure that your interests are represented as effectively as possible.