Assistance and advice for setting up your business

As soon as you have performed a market study and drafted the fundamentals of your business plan, we can start working together and help you achieve your start-up project.

  • FIDUCIAL assists you in organising and framing your start-up project. We help you make the right choices and relevant decisions, taking into consideration the impact they will have on your personal life and on the further existence of your business.
  • The business plan is the key to success. FIDUCIAL has advised thousands of start-up businesses like yours and offers expertise in drafting your business plan and your financial plan (funding, estimated income, cashflow, …) by helping you make realistic forecasts as a solid basis for your start.
  • FIDUCIAL offers you years of experience to make a sensible financial plan that will convince your financial partners. If you wish so, your FIDUCIAL advisor can help you prepare your meeting with your bank, or can assist you during that meeting.
  • FIDUCIAL helps you in choosing the right business structure: sole trader or company? If company: what legal form? FIDUCIAL also drafts your bylaws and takes care of the incorporation formalities.

Choose the package that caters for your project

Advice and assistance
Assistance in drafting your business plan
Assistance in formulating your financial plan
Assistance, if required, in analysing your contractual obligations
Support when looking for fundingÀ la carte
Advice in the choice of business structure and drafting of the bylawsÀ la carte
Incorporation formalitiesÀ la carte

Your advantages

A forecast that is realistic for your business sector

Your forecast will be made by FIDUCIAL advisors that know your business sector.

No bank manager will lend money without a solid business and financial plan.

These documents are also essential to prepare your start in the best possible and the most realistic way.

A personalised project document

With FIDUCIAL, you will have at your disposal a document that will give shape to your thoughts, will save time for you and will help you to present your project to your financial partners in a professional and relevant way.