FIDUCIAL, your guide and advisor for preparing your business plan and your financial plan

  • We guide you through the whole start up phase and stay by your side along the way.
  • We advise you on the important structural choices you will have to make from the very start of your project, choices and decisions that will have a significant impact not only on the development of your business but also on your personal situation.
  • We help you build your business plan and your FIDUCIAL advisor prepares your initial financial plan, your estimated income statement and your cash flow plan.
  • We help you build a convincing case for your financial partners.
  • We support you to better prepare the first years of activity thanks to a realistic project that starts on a solid ground.
  • We offer a personalized approach to determine what business structure is most appropriate for your personal situation.

FIDUCIAL offers personalised guidance according to your project

I’m setting up a business

I’m buying a business

I’m becoming a franchisee

FIDUCIAL, partner to business starters and buyers

Specialist business advice in your area

FIDUCIAL’s specialists in business creation and business transfer support 250 business starters and buyers all over the country, thanks to a network of some 20 offices throughout the country. They know your industry and your activity.

Build a project suitable for your situation

Your FIDUCIAL advisor clearly explains the impact of the structural choices you will have to make (business structure, legal form, tax and social regime, status of spouse, …) and he advises you on the decisions that would be suitable according to your expectations and your personal situation.

Develop a project that starts on solid foundations

Your FIDUCIAL advisor helps you drafting a realistic business plan that should allow you to start your activity on solid ground. He will inform you of the risks you should anticipate and the specific points that will require vigilance.

We help you through every step of your business creation

Personalised bylaws

  • Advice on the choice of business structure tailored to your situation and project
  • Drafting of the bylaws
  • Registration formalities

We assist you in finding funding for your business project (start up or acquisition)

  • Strategic advice on the suitable funding for your project
  • Support in finding finance aids
  • Assistance during your meetings with banks 

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