Advice and assistance for company acquisition or business buy out

Are you planning to buy a business?

Did you already find the right business profile?

Maybe you already have a target company in mind?

Professional help is invaluable to assess the value of the business, complete a social, legal and financial audit and analyse the contractual obligations (e.g. commercial lease).

Pour vous aider à concrétiser votre projet de reprise d’entreprise, FIDUCIAL vous propose un accompagnement complet et adapté :

  • Target valuation: FIDUCIAL assists you in the valuation of the business you plan to buy (financial valuation, analysis of contractual obligations, legal and social audit, …)
  • Organisation of your acquisition: FIDUCIAL helps you to project manage the whole acquisition, to structure and organise the project. We support you with expert advice in the structural choices you need to make as these choices will have an impact on the further development of your business as well as on your personal situation.
  • Business plan: FIDUCIAL helps you in drawing up your business plan (financing plan, projected profit and loss account, cash flow plan) and your business integration plan by making realistic forecasts that will be a solid basis for a successful project.
  • Drafting of the legal documents: FIDUCIAL takes care of the drafting of legal documents related with buying a business and helps you in the choice of the right business structure (sole proprietorship, corporation, …)
  • Finding financing: FIDUCIAL offers advice and assistance in drafting a sensible financing plan to convince your financial partners. According to your needs and situation, your FIDUCIAL advisor can assist you in the preparation of your meeting with the banks or can assist you during this meeting.

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Choose the package that caters for your acquisition project

Advice and assistance: FIDUCIAL advises you on the structuring choices that will have an impact on your personal situation and on the future of your business. We help you organise and project manage the acquisition.
Assistance in drafting your business plan: financing plan, projected profit and loss account, cash flow plan. Realistic forecasts to start on solid grounds.
Assistance in formulating your financing plan: advice and assistance in drafting your financing plan and in convincing your financial partners.
Economic analysis of the lease agreement.
Legal assistance in the business valuation of the target and financial valuation: legal, social and/or financial audit, depending on your needs.À la carte
Assistance in finding funding: preparation of your meetings with the banks and assistance during these meetings.À la carte
Drafting of legal acts related to the business transfer or buy out of shares: transfer deed, asset and liability guarantee.À la carte
Advice in the choice of business structure and drafting of bylaws.À la carte
Incorporation formalities.À la carte

Your advantages

Professionals at your service to oil the wheels of your project

An acquisition project needs the involvement of different competencies: chartered accountant, legal advisor. 
At FIDUCIAL, you will find the necessary professionals under one roof.

Personalised project model

With FIDUCIAL’s help you will dispose of a document that will structure your thoughts, will allow you to save precious time and will help you to present your project in a relevant way to your financial partners.

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