First evaluate your situation

Starting as an entrepreneur abroad, developping your business in international markets, setting up a subsidiary or branch, buying a house in the Provence, running a Bed & Breakfast in Spain, …, are all projects that have social and tax consequences for your business here in Belgium and/or for you as a business owner and individual.

Depending on the choices you make, you need to assess the impact of your decisions on your tax and social obligations in Belgium. There are also formalities to be fulfilled and documents to be prepared.

Many important issues will be raised. Ask our experts to audit your present social and tax situation, evaluate the taxes you will have to pay and the obligations you will have to comply with.

My tax situation

Starting abroad may affect a company’s tax situation as well as its business owner’s tax situation.

It is necessary to assess the consequences on your Belgian taxes that result from the decisions you make and the options you choose. You should also enquire about the formalities you need to comply with.

Our specialists will answer your questions:

  • I plan to move abroad: where will be my tax residence?
  • I have an opportunity of working abroad: where will I have to pay my personal income taxes?
  • I want to expand my business internationally: how the results of my subsidiary will they be connected to the mother company, what will be the tax concequences for my Belgian structure?
  • I plan to buy a property in Spain to rent it: where will I have to pay taxes on the rental income? 

These are only some situations and many options are possible. We advise you to ask for assistance.

My social situation

Moving abroad is an adventure that can have some sharp challenges and needs carefull preparation.

The business owner who wants to set up a company abroad and to expand his business internationally, an individual who wants to expatriate to work or live abroad, are confronted with many complex issues related to their social rights and obligations:

  • I plan to work 6 months a year in my subsidiary abroad: do I have a right to work in that country?
  • I want to venture into a foreign market and will settle abroad to do so: what social protection will I have?
  • I plan to create a subsidiary abroad: what are my social obligations as an employer in that country?
  • I would like to spend my retirement abroad: do I need a residence permit in that country?

How can FIDUCIAL help?

As soon as you have all the facts about your social and tax situation, you will note that you will also need local assistance abroad.

FIDUCIAL International can help

  • Assess your existing social and tax situation
  • Assess the formalities you will have to complete before you leave
  • Prepare the tax returns and other declarations you may need to do before leaving the country
  • Calculate the taxes you may still owe
  • Analyse the international tax treaty (if any) between Belgium and the country you’re heading for.

After the preparation fase and the diagnosis of your situation in Belgium, you can also count on the accountants and/or legal advisors from one of FIDUCIAL’s international entities or one of the correspondents from our international alliance.