Do you find your personal income taxes a complex matter? Do no longer hesitate and call FIDUCIAL for the necessary tax assistance.

Your FIDUCIAL advisor can prepare your personal income tax returns as well as your corporate income tax returns, in order to align them. In today’s constantly changing tax legislation, we ensure that your tax returns are correctly prepared and compliant, filed in due time and that you don’t pay taxes over the odds.

Before filing the final tax return, we can also draft an estimate of the taxes you will have to pay, so that you don’t have to face surprises.

Our tax teams will also help you to make the right decisions when it comes to an investment strategy, to improve your tax efficiency and minimise the tax burden.

A tax audit can nevertheless never be excluded but FIDUCIAL offers expert assistance during your tax audit while you continue focussing on doing what you do best: your business!

FIDUCIAL, an accounting firm in your vicinity

22 years of experience at your service in Belgium and Luxemburg

Driven by its passion for entrepreneurship, FIDUCIAL has been supporting business owners, independent entrepreneurs, liberal professionals, start-ups, … for more than 20 years.

Over 5,000 clients have confidence in our experience and our expertise.


Some 20 offices throughout Belgium and Luxemburg

When you choose FIDUCIAL as your accountant, you choose for proximity, a human scale accounting office in your vicinity. And in the same time you choose for the power of a large group that guarantees expertise and top-notch information.

96% satisfaction*

Our long term involvement results in a better understanding of your business and thus a better service.
96 % of our clients are satisfied about our accounting services.

* Results of a customer satisfaction enquiry made by Think between 24/09 en 15/10/2013 over 1,190 Fiducial Accountancy clients.