Determine which legal form is best suited for the development of your company

The legal form of your company is a sensitive matter and the choice entails many consequences. At the start of your activity you have chosen a specific legal form (sole proprietorship, private company with limited liability, …). This choice was suited for your situation at that time and allowed you to start off.

Today your company may be in a different situation, your activity may have developed or your company may have evolved:

•    Would you like to invest more? Safeguard your own capital? Master your tax situation?
•    Do you want investors to become partners or take a new partner on board?
•    Do you want to hand over your business to your children, or to employees?

To consider these new possibilities and to achieve them, another legal form might be more appropriate. How can you handle this kind of conversion? 

What conditions need to be fulfilled to adapt your company’s legal form? How much does it cost?

Rely upon a FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING legal advisor

Our legal teams offer the necessary assistance to adapt your company:

•    Audit of your personal situation and of the existing by-laws
•    Choice of a new social and tax regime for the business owner
•    Drafting of new, tailored by-laws (transfer of securities, determination of the partners’ rights, shareholder agreements, …)

Depending on the legal form that will be chosen, new tax and legal obligations may apply: other taxes, obligation of holding a shareholders’ meeting, drafting of minutes, different liabilities for the business owner, … 

At FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING you will find professional assistance and steady follow up to deal with these changes under the best possible conditions for you and for your company.