Starting a business, investing or settling in Belgium?

FIDUCIAL is a one-stop organisation that offers full management accounting, payroll and business services as well as tax and legal consulting to help you face the particular challenges of operating in Belgium.

As a foreign individual or a business leader, you may not be acquainted with the Belgian business environment, laws and rules. In order to successfully set up and run your business in Belgium, FIDUCIAL’s experts assist you with legal advice, tax structuring, VAT-registration, bookkeeping, payroll  and office solutions.

If you are looking for a tax advisor in Belgium, an accountant in Brussels, a legal advisor, a payroll specialist in Belgium, choose FIDUCIAL to get your administrative organization, bookkeeping and tax returns right and to be sure to comply with Belgian legislation and requirements for companies and businesses in Belgium.

Tax & Legal Consulting

  • Assistance and advice on setting up a business in Belgium
  • Advice on the most appropriate business structure, legal status and corresponding tax regime
  • Drafting and registration of the company’s articles, completion of formalities, registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises
  • VAT-registration in Belgium
  • Outsourcing of legal secretarial duties
  • Drafting of legal documents, terms and conditions
  • Assistance in analysing contracts (lease of premises, partnership, …)
  • Business and personal tax compliance and optimization
  • Advice on Belgian employment law
  • Drafting of employment agreements, terminations, GDPR-compliant company rules of procedures
  • Assistance during tax audit

Accountancy, Payroll and Business support services

  • Business plans, drafting of the compulsory Financial plan
  • Advice in the organization of your administration
  • Complete bookkeeping or supervision of your bookkeeping, management accounting, annual accounts
  • Tax preparation, tax returns, tax compliance
  • Compliance with accounting standards and company law requirements
  • Reports for management purposes, advice on budgets and financials
  • Full payroll outsourcing services: employment agreements, formalities, registration with social security, compliance with social obligations as an employer in Belgium, production of your payslips.

Doing business out of Belgium? We can help you too!

In France

With over 600 offices in France (one every 30 km), FIDUCIAL is close to you everywhere!

A full service offer including Accounting, Payroll, Tax, Audit, Legal Advisors & Lawyers, IT-solutions, Banking, Financial Advisory, Private Security, Office Solutions


In Luxemburg

An extensive service offer in Luxemburg: start up, acquisition or sale of your company, accountancy, bookkeeping, business support services, tax services, payroll, office solutions.  -



In Switzerland

A comprehensive service offer for the start up, acquisition or sale of your company in Switzerland: accountancy, bookkeeping, business support services, tax services, payroll services from our FIDUCIAL offices in Geneva - and Lausanne (Echallens) -

A comprehensive offer in recruiting and temporary staffing services with FICOBA.

In Morocco

The FIDUCIAL-SOFINAREX team in Casablanca offers expertise for foreign investors in Morocco and offers to assist you in the set up, acquisition or sale of an activity in Morocco: accountancy, support services, taxes and payroll.


In the USA

A bicultural and bilingual, high value added full service offer for entrepreneurs and individuals planning to relocate to the USA, start up or develop a business, as well as for entrepreneurs already en route or settled in the USA: assistance with settlement in the USA; analysis of tax and social situation; assistance with startup, acquisition or sale of your company; bookkeeping and financial reporting services, payroll; tax compliance, optimisation and advice.

JADE FIDUCIAL  -  FIDUCIAL Inc.  -  FFDA, a Fiducial Company

Doing business in other countries?

For projects in other countries, we offer the expert services of the members and independent correspondents of the Fiducial International Alliance, who are chartered accountants and legal firms that share our values and sense of client orientation.

Contact us now for your projects in the UK, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Tunisia, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, ….. or many other destinations.

FIDUCIAL International Central Office