FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING can address all the legal questions related to your company

Our legal advisors assist you, work proactively with you to anticipate your needs and to implement action plans in all fields of business law.

Lease agreements (domestic property rental, commercial property lease and general lease)

Commercial law and company law, disputes

Corporate law, assistance in mergers and acquisitions

Real Estate law

Tax law

Social law


We work together with you to achieve your success

FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING offers a team that puts its expertise at your disposal to help you anticipate and succeed.

Transversal approach

We offer our clients the know how from a legal team that has expertise in tax law, social law, corporate law, business law, compliance, …


Our experts have the legal and financial knowledge to guarantee a global understanding of your economical interests and allow you to focus on what is essential for you.


Our legal teams give you advice and assist you during the whole course of your project and they play a facilitating and coordinating role.