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FIDUCIAL transforms the private security landscape in France with PROSEGUR France acquisition

  • 01/10/2020

FIDUCIAL and PROSEGUR, two global family businesses, today announced the sale of Prosegur’s operations in France to Fiducial, which is transformative for the private security industry in France.

As announced on June 1st, after consultation with the relevant staff representative bodies and after obtaining the customary regulatory approvals, Fiducial has today acquired Prosegur's activities and staff in France.

Christian Latouche, Chairman and CEO of Fiducial said: “This acquisition of Prosegur in France enables Fiducial Sécurité to become the leader in the security services to the defense industry and critical infrastructure sites.

Because there is no prosperity without security, all of our customers, whatever their fields of activity, will be able to count on the talents of 9,500 skilled professionals and on the technology solutions integrated in our exclusive control centers ».

Today also marks the entry into force of the strategic partnership between Fiducial and Prosegur aimed at supporting Prosegur's international clients in France.

On June 1st, Jose-Maria Pena, Prosegur’s Security Managing Director said: “Prosegur is a global leader in the security industry with more than 160,000 employees worldwide. The Prosegur-Fiducial partnership is a unique combination in the security industry. Fiducial’s understanding of business issues as a leading provider of business and technology services internationally and its deep security expertise in France offer a unique complementarity to Prosegur’s clients’ needs in this country. »

About Prosegur
Prosegur is a global leader in the private security sector. Across its three business lines - Prosegur Security, Prosegur Cash and Prosegur Alarms - Prosegur provides companies and households with reliable security services using the most advanced market solutions. With a global presence, Prosegur reported sales of 4.198 billion euros in 2019, and is listed on the Spanish stock exchanges under the ticker code PSG, with a team that currently numbers more than 160,000 employees. The company’s social initiatives are directed through the Prosegur Foundation, which, with 31,111 beneficiaries in 2019, focuses on four key pillars: education, employment inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities, corporate volunteering and cultural development.

For more information, visit www.prosegur.fr .

About Fiducial
FIDUCIAL is a leader in multi-disciplinary services to companies regarding legal, audit, accounting, banking, financial services, real estate, IT, private security and office equipment services.

Founded in 1970 by Christian Latouche, its current Chairman and CEO, FIDUCIAL has developed thanks to an uninterrupted growth dynamic over the last 50 years.

Worldwide, 17,700 employees in 78 countries generate sales of $1.710 billion, including €1.090 billion in Europe with 810 branches and 12,000 employees, serving 322,000 customers.

For more information, visit www.fiducial.fr

Press contact : Communication Director FIDUCIAL - Karine Boistelle Adnet : 04 72 20 14 57

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