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  • A catalogue containing all the necessary office supplies, paperwork, print and IT supplies…. totaling over 7,500 references, of which 1,200 from our private brand FIDUCIAL Office Solutions. Your guarantee for the best price-quality ratio.
  • A specific catalogue for office furniture with more than 20,000 references and an expert team to advise you and help you optimize your office organization.
  • Personalised logistics for the storage and management of your customized or specific products that can be delivered together with your office supplies order.
  • A totally customised client service: you can count on a quality relationship with a dedicated team of 3 people: your own account executive, sales assistant and delivering driver.
  • An impeccable service quality: 98 % client satisfaction and 99.8 % product availability.

Discover our products

Let us take you through our different product families on our dedicated FIDUCIAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS website


White or coloured, in sheets or rolls, for daily or specific use (e.g. Photo): we offer all the paper you need in your company.

Notes and Notebooks

A big choice in pads and books, registers, memo books, spiral notebooks, journals, diaries, … of all sizes and colours.


Plain administrative envelopes, Kraft envelopes, with or without window, recycled or expandable envelopes, labels, boxes, …. All the necessary mailing and shipping supplies.

Binders, Pockets, Folders

All the solutions to keep your documents in order: hanging file folders, sheet protectors, binders, document covers, …

File storage

The essential products for your file storage: storage boxes, containers for storage boxes, …

Writing supplies

Pens, highlighters, markers, pencils: a very large choice in writing supplies and accessories.

Office basics

Staplers, clips, scissors, tape, …: the basic equipment for your daily work.

Ink cartridges and toners

For laser and other printers of the major brands.

IT-equipment and accessories

Mice, keyboards, screen protectors, memory sticks, printers, …

Office environment

Everything you need to organise your office environment efficiently: desk organisers, whiteboards, pencil holders, magazine racks, …

Office furniture

Lamps, bookcases, storage cabinets, chairs, desks, …

Food & breakroom, cleaning & facilities

A large choice in cold drinks, coffee, coffee makers, snacks, paper plates, cups, towels, …

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