collaborative on-line tool

This tool features our new integrated digitalization and client portal offer.

FIDUCIAL offers an on-line client portal for the transmission of your accounting documents and hence facilitating the cooperation with your accountant. 

With this solution, you can send your documents electronically: either by e-mail, via an upload on the web platform, via a scanner, or through interaction with external applications.

You can access your archives and your company’s situation at any time.

No more useless traveling!

Thanks to the portal, you can find the invoice you are looking for in a couple of clicks. It would be much harder to find it in a stack of filled folders.

The advantage of this tool lies in the fact that you no longer need to travel to transmit us your documents. No more moves and no more lost documents!

My figures and all my documents are just a couple of mouse-clicks away!

The portal also provides you with a clear view of your business situation, illustrated with simple graphics. A variety of pre-defined reports give you the top ten of your customers, the aged balance of unpaid invoices, the profit and loss account compared to previous years, etc.

In a few clicks you can navigate from an account to a detail and then to the invoice.

My banking transactions in real time!

Other options are also available to make your life still easier!

The link to Codabox shows you the situation of your bank accounts even if your accountant did not yet process the bank statement. This display of movements is updated every day. For obvious security reasons, the link is limited to the visualization! Needless to say that it is not possible to generate transactions from the portal.

Pay my suppliers!

With the SEPA option, you can prepare a payment file that you will have to confirm in your Homebanking application.

The portal shows you all the outstanding incoming invoices. 
With one click, you can decide to pay an invoice: the portal generates a 'sepa' file that can be imported into your banking application.

The advantage: all the supplier details and invoice information will be included. It will also be possible to easily convert your purchase invoices into QR codes. These codes can then be easily imported in the business manager's on-line banking application. 

Exchange with my accountant

The portal also is a communication tool between you and your accountant. Each document can be annotated.

You can also send him all other documents related to your business: VAT-related mail, a depreciation schedule for a loan from the bank, the documents for your tax return, ...