Operate your business successfully with the help from your FIDUCIAL Accountant

Outsource your bookkeeping to us

We prepare your tax returns

We prepare your annual accounts

Ask for an intermediate situation

Cost optimization

Forecast budget, management monitoring and advice

You can rely on our accounting services and concentrate on your business with peace of mind!

At FIDUCIAL you will find an accountant nearby, who will help you to comply with accounting and tax obligations. Thanks to accurate figures and analyses, you will understand your results and be able to manage your company correctly.

Save precious time for your activity

By outsourcing your bookkeeping, the preparation of your annual accounts and all your tax returns, you will save a lot of time that you can use in concentrating on your core business.

Secure your accounts and free yourself from administrative restraints

Your FIDUCIAL advisor takes care of your accounts and your tax returns: you have the guarantee to be compliant with rules and deadlines. You can work with peace of mind.

Benefit from our useful tools to manage your activity more efficiently

Your FIDUCIAL accountant gives your clear management information and offers, in accordance with your needs and company profile, adapted management tools.

Receive expert advice and monitoring

Your FIDUCIAL accountant is available, listens to your needs and is responsive. He has regular trainings on the changes in your profession, he knows the specificities of your occupation. A real asset!

Benefit from a better understanding of your results

Your FIDUCIAL advisor helps you to understand your figures, to know the value of your company. He helps to anticipate the future.

Assess your performance

Thanks to accurate indicators, you will have management tools that will facilitate your decision making.

FIDUCIAL, an accounting firm near you

22 years of experience in Belgium and Luxemburg to serve you

FIDUCIAL has been assisting entrepreneurs and business owners, sole proprietors, liberal professionals, craftsmen, start-uppers, farmers, …, for over 20 years.

More than 5,000 clients trust us.

Some 20 offices spread in Belgium and Luxemburg

By choosing FIDUCIAL, you choose a local, human scale accounting firm that is close to you. But you also benefit from the power of an international group that guarantees sharp expertise and information. 

92% satisfied clients*

Our long-term commitment enables us to better understand and better serve you.
92% of our clients are satisfied with the accounting support provided to their company.

* Result of a survey conducted in December 2019 on a sample of more than 3,500 Fiducial Accountancy clients.

Our assistance in Accounting and Management

Business owners and liberal professionals all ask the same question: what is the point of an accountant and does accounting have another purpose than to protect you from tax authorities?

Accounting allows a business owner to assess the performance of his activity, to compare his activity over several years, to anticipate and to predict changes before his competitors do.

FIDUCIAL has been working alongside entrepreneurs for more than 20 years to assist them in the management and development of their activity, bring them daily advice and a sharp knowledge of their industry, allowing anticipation and good decision making.


When you entrust your accounts to FIDUCIAL, you benefit from a collaborative tool for on-line exchanges with the advisors that are in charge of your file and for a better management of your business.   

With My.Fiducial.be :

  • Scan and send your documents at any time,
  • Have 24/7 access to all your filed invoices and accounting documents on all your connected screens,
  • Follow up on your banking transactions in real time,
  • Pay your invoices in just one click,

 …and interact with your FIDUCIAL advisor at any time and in a secure environment.