Accounting and Taxes

Looking for an accountant in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, Bruges and 15 other locations in Belgium and Luxemburg? FIDUCIAL is the accountant that partners with you to manage your business efficiently and to develop your activity.

Investment decisions, organisation and management

Make the right decisions for your company, rely on accurate figures and analyses provided by your FIDUCIAL accountant, who moreover goes far beyond mere figures by actively supporting you on your path to growth.

Legal assistance for your company

Simplify the procedures and obligations related to your company by solliciting the legal advisors from FIDUCIAL TAX & LEGAL CONSULTING: corporate compliance (transfer of registered office, resignation and appointment of directors, etc.), change of bylaws, capital increase, …

FISCADIAL Tax assistance

To anticipate on tax audits and make them a less stressful issue you can subscribe our unique annual contract for assistance during tax audits: FISCADIAL a collaborative on-line tool

Your tool for exchanging with your FIDUCIAL advisor and better managing your company

Scanning of your documents

Simplify the relationship with your accountant!