FIDUCIAL Accountancy Antwerp is a dynamic office with a team of passionate accountants and tax advisors

We stand for: 
•    Integrity and reputation,
•    Innovation and openness to new ideas,
•    Superior service,
•    Efficient work,
•    Flexibility.

We ensure success thanks to:
•    an up to date know how, through skilled and dedicated all-round staff members that are supported by specialists,
•    a service package that is as global as possible, tailored to your needs,
•    a top quality and alert service,
•    a continuity, since we work as a team and do no one-man show.

Our clients are national and international small, medium sized and big companies.

We offer:
Services that specificially address individual entrepreneurs, managers of small and medium sized Belgian and international companies that are aware that to succeed in our complex society, they need to call on financial experts.

In the past making benefits was the main concern and one thought the rest would follow. Nowadays profitability needs to be increased as much as possible through a sound financial policy

As accountants we go far beyond just putting figures together and we guide you in financial, tax, legal and social fields.

We also offer a network of international correspondents to advise and support us and our clients in an efficient and highly qualitative way and we see to it that our correspondents offer the service our clients may expect.

How to find us:

Our modern offices are located at the ring-road in Antwerp. They are close to the highways to Brussels, the Netherlands, Hasselt and Ghent. The Berchem railwaystation is only some blocks away.

Discover our accountancy services for your company

Accounting and Taxes

Looking for an accountant in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, Bruges and 15 other locations in Belgium and Luxemburg? FIDUCIAL is the accountant that partners with you to manage your business efficiently and to develop your activity.

Investment decisions, organisation and management

Make the right decisions for your company, rely on accurate figures and analyses provided by your FIDUCIAL accountant, who moreover goes far beyond mere figures by actively supporting you on your path to growth.

Business plan and forecast

If you plan to start up in business or buy a business, if you are about to face one of these exciting challenges, you will appreciate our professional advice from the start. Together we can put all the odds on your side.