FIDUCIAL is THE full service provider for entrepreneurs and independent professionals ... always close to you!

We allow you to concentrate your precious time on the profitability of your company and the development of your activity. We take care of the mandatory and very time consuming tasks and not only ensure that you are compliant in accountancy, tax, legal and social matters, but also offer the necessary guidance and advice allowing you to manage your company efficiently, develop and optimise it.

With our « one stop shopping » offer, you will find a full assistance from the very start up, all the way through your growth phase, until the maturity of your company and even until the possible transfer.

Our services are tailored to the needs of each stage of your company life and we support our clients in all the aspects of their entrepreneurship:

  • Advice for the set up
  • Drafting of the business plan and financial plan
  • Choice of corporate structure and drafting of the bylaws
  • Organising and keeping of the accounts, preparing of the annual accounts
  • Tax filings, tax advice and optimisation
  • Legal advice
  • Payroll and social management
  • Expert assistance during the transfer or the acquisition of a new business

We continue to support you from the start till the end and offer these services from a network with some 20 local offices and 150 experts spread over the country, which is why we are always close to you!